The village of San Antonio...

Sant Antoni de Portmany is one of the most popular resorts among European tourists on account of its stunning Bay and the spectacular sunsets on the Ses Variades coast line. Tourism has completely transformed this town, whose inhabitants used to live on farming, fishing and ancient traditions only a century ago. Nowadays, Sant Antoni offers a wide range of hotels, hostels and apartments, among other services for tourists.
By the sea, next to the promenade, it is the Passeig de ses Fonts, Sant Antoni’s centre. Here you will find the Town Hall, the Tourist Office, pavement cafes, and taxi ranks. You might also be able to enjoy outdoor concerts. If you follow the Passeig de ses Fonts it will lead you inside the town through streets crammed with retail stores, bars and restaurants.

Two kilometres far from Sant Antoni’s centre, very near Cala Gració and next to the main road, you will find the route to es Cap Blanc Aquarium, also known as sa Cova de ses Llegostes, sa cova des Peix or sa Cova des Vell Marí. This latter name is how locals call the Mediterranean Monk Seals, which used to hide in this beautiful natural cave not long ago. Popular festivities were held in this place in the past. Nowadays it is a natural aquarium where the visitor can contemplate a wide range of the Pitiusas’ Marine Fauna.

Although Sant Antoni’s Bay is the most popular place among tourists, towns and villages such as Sant Rafael, Sant Mateu and Santa Agnès de Corona also belong to the this municipality.
Sant Antoni is a reference point for hikers. Different sorts of facilities can be found here, so that they can practise several sports, from cycling to nautical sports.

There are many beaches in the municipality. Cala Salada, for example, 5 km from Sant Antoni’s centre, is a series of sandy coves where you can enjoy a very friendly atmosphere while protected from the wind. Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta, two beautiful little coves joined by a small rocky promenade, are located 2,5 km from Sant Antoni`s centre. Another example is Caló des Moro, one km to the North-East from the city centre, which has become a popular place to contemplate the sunset. Bordering Sant Antoni’s promenade you will find S’arenal beach, a series of long and narrow beaches, from where the whole Bay can be seen. There is another small sandy beach near the city centre called Es Pouet, which can be reached through the road that runs along the Bay towards Port des Torrent.