Welcome to Ibiza Sports Tours

Ibiza Sports Tours is an association made up of specialists in sports management and tourism who organise sport events, activities and campus on the island of Ibiza.  Professional and exclusive service is our main objective. We at Ibiza Sports Tours offer a wide variety of tours and tournaments to choose from. With the weather being very kind to us here in Ibiza, we can accommodate tours all year round with the guarantee of a professional service. 

Let us at Ibiza Sports Tours take the hassle out of the organization, so you can enjoy the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Quick News...

10th Anniversary Party in 2022!

Next year will be the 10th edition of the Ibiza Beach Rugby Festival and we will be celebrating it as hard as ever!

After the pandemic that we have just gone through there´s no better way to celebrate a rugby tour than a weekend on the beach in Ibiza.

The tournament will be held on Saturday the 7th of May. All our social media accounts will be promoting everything so book early to avoid disappointment, places are limited as teams that were booked for this year have rolled their deposits!

No Ibiza Beach Rugby until 2022!

After important reunions with San Antonio Council and the Balearic Government plus consulting the Balear Rugby Federation, It is with a heavy heart we have to cancel this years Ibiza Beach Rugby Festival.  Knowing this is the right decision with so many teams not knowing if they are able to travel it was decided to cancel the event. With so many restrictions it would have been impossible to celebrate the tournament in the way that we do, everyone comes here to have a wonderful time and to take back great memories and if we can´t provide that, then it´s better to wait until 2022.

Thanks to all the teams who have booked and totally understood the situation and have kindly rolled their deposits for next year, determined to make it to Ibiza!

2022 tournaments on sale from 8th March 2021

All next years tournaments will go on sale from next Monday the 8th of March. All our social media accounts will be promoting everythinhg this week coming! Book early to avoid disappointment, places are limited as teams that were booked for this year have rolled their deposits!


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