Rugby was first played in Ibiza by a group  immigrants from Argentina in the early 80´s who played friendly matches for a few years against a side in Majorca but the sport didn´t quite take off. In 2001, the sport was picked up by a Welshman and an Ibicencan and given another lease of life. The club grew from strength to strength and the wonderful facilities that the club now have, has been down to the hard work put in. In 2003 Ibiza held the final of the AER 6 Nations "C" between Israel, Bulgaria, Finland and Norway. In 2004 Spain played Portugal here in a 6 Nations "B" match. The annual international 15 a side tournament which started in 2003 has been a success with teams competing from the British Isles, Ireland, Italy, France and Germany.

Now, more than ever, the island is more of a rugby destination for end of season tours and pre-season matches, whether it´s a friendly, the 15 a side tournament or the beach rugby festival, Ibiza is for you! 

Ibiza Sports Tours started as a specialist rugby tour operator so our passion and enthusiasm for the sport shows in every rugby tour we organize. We're all active players and coaches at club level and you'll be pleased to hear a rugby player's view of your proposed destination and itinerary, not an uninformed, over-rehearsed sales pitch. We can arrange friendly fixtures against the local Ibiza rugby team or have a look at our featured rugby tournaments.
We organize rugby tours for professional rugby teams to club sides, schools, veterans, teams for juniors, men's and women´s rugby teams.  We are confident that we can help you to organize your perfect rugby tour!

Rugby Weekenders

If you can´t make it at the end of the rugby season, why not in between make it in between? We can accomodate fixtures at any time of the rugby season. So if you fancy a break and want a game of rugby in the sun that coincides with a Six Nations game or a weekend that your club has no fixture or even pre-season, let us know and we can arrange it for you.

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